Dr Suzanne Barrett

Research support officer, Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network

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Suzanne is a research support officer working in the Impact Research Centre, Northern Health and Social Care Trust. She completed her undergraduate degree in QUB Psychology in 1998, her PhD in Psychology/Mental Health/Therapeutics & Pharmacology, spending 6 months working in MDS Harris/Celerion as clinical trials assistant during this time. She has been a postdoctoral research assistant in Queens University Belfast (Medicine -Mental Health), a postdoctoral research associate with University Ulster (UU Psychology), and a lecturer in Queens University Belfast (Medicine – Psychiatry & Neuroscience; Public Health; Psychology). She has also held the post of Senior Executive Officer in CCEA’s Research & Statistics Unit. She has training and experience of clinical trial planning, set-up and delivery in Mental Health. Since joining the NHSCT, she has worked extensively to develop and promote collaborative research in Mental Health within and across Trusts on behalf of the Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network [NICRN] – Mental Health. She has assisted in the setting up the ASC-UK study in five NI Trusts, two CTIMPs in Antrim area services, has been involved in an SBRI [DETECT] for Early Intervention Services in Antrim, assisted with the setting up of a CHITIN-funded clinical trial of a walking intervention for patients with a Serious Mental Illness [SMI], and has developed an internally funded (PHA) neurocognitive study examining the effects of trauma on cognitive health in Mental Health patients [UHR/ARMS; FEP; SMI]. She has also secured PHA funding for eye-movement equipment to stimulate collaborative clinical research in the Northern HSC Trust and has assisted with the setting up of the Impact Research Centre, launched in 2019.

Selected publications

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