Prof Ciaran Mulholland

Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist
Co-Lead for NICRN

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I am a consultant psychiatrist with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland and a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Medical Education at The Queen’s University of Belfast. I am also a Visiting Professor to the Bamford Centre at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, School of Psychology, University of Ulster.


I am Clinical Co-lead for an innovative service for young people (age 14 to 25) with “at risk mental states” in the Northern Trust-the “STEP” Service and Clinical Director of the Northern Ireland Psychological Trauma Regional Clinical Network.


I am one of two Research Leads of the Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network Mental Health Special Interest Group.


I have a research interests in first episode psychosis and “At Risk Mental States”. I have a particular interest in the impact of childhood trauma on mental health outcomes in young adulthood. I am a Principle Investigator on the Northern Ireland First Episode Psychosis Study (NIFEPS). I have a particular clinical and research interest in the impact of violence in the local context of Northern Ireland on mental health outcomes.


My role as Clinical Director of the Regional Trauma Network (RTN) involves the creation of a clinical service for individuals with PTSD as a consequence of both the violence of the “Troubles” and other forms of trauma, including trauma related to war and violence in other countries. The RTN is tasked with addressing the needs of migrants and refugees who have suffered the psychological consequences of trauma.

Featured Publications

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