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Jessica joined the IMPACT Research Centre in July 2023 as an Associate Researcher, working within the Forensic Managed Care Network.

Jessica has recently been working on the COVID-19 HSC Staff Wellbeing study, with a focus on forensic staff working in the health service.

Prior to joining IMPACT, Jessica completed her PhD at Ulster University. Her PhD research was assessing the effects of co-production on levels of activity and the effects, both physically and mentally, that physical activity may have. The title of the PhD was ‘Feasibility of a Co-Produced Physical Activity Programme within a Secure Forensic Unit to Improve Physical and Mental Health of those with Severe Mental Illness’. The intervention took place within a medium secure unit in Northern Ireland. The project incorporated a mixed methods approach involving staff and service users in the development.

Hassan, J., Shannon, S., Tully, M.A., McCartan, C., Davidson, G., Bunn, R., Breslin, G., (2022) Systematic review of physical activity interventions assessing physical and mental health outcomes on patients with severe mental illness (SMI) within secure forensic settings. Journal Psychiatry Mental Health Nursing

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