Dr Frances Duffy

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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Dr Frances Duffy is the Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist, Psychology of Older People Service, Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT).  She is a committee member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Faculty for the Psychology of Older People (FPOP), NI Dementia Analytics Research Users Group (DARUG) and steering group of Dementia NI.  She was a member of the NI Regional Dementia Improvement Collaborative who produced the Regional Dementia Care Pathway.  Frances developed CLEAR Dementia Care©, an innovative model to help carers to understand behaviour.  She is engaged in research to improve diagnosis and post diagnostic support in dementia.

Selected Publications

Bowie, G., Duffy, F. & Marshall, J. (2019) Do we need Specialist Teams for Behaviours that Challenge in Dementia Care? FPOP Bulletin, 148, 37-42.

Duffy, F. (2016).  ‘Look at all of me’ – a CLEAR model for dementia care. The Journal of Dementia Care, 24 (3), 27-30.

Duffy, F. (2017). Measuring Outcome in a Dementia Home Support Team. FPOP Bulletin, 139, 67-70.

Duffy, F (2019). CLEAR Dementia Care © A Model to Assess and Address Unmet Need.  Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Duffy, F (2019). Evidence Briefing: Neuropsychological Impact of Dementia.  British Psychological Society.

Duffy, F. & Harvey, M. (2017). CLEAR Dementia Care: Understanding Behaviour and Reducing Distress. Conference Proceedings International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Institute for Healthcare Improvement BMJ.

Duffy, F. & Harvey, M. (2018). CLEAR Dementia Care: Understanding Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms, Conference Proceedings International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Institute for Healthcare Improvement BMJ.

Duffy, F. & Richardson, J (2018).  CLEAR Dementia Care©: Handbook on Implementation with Case Presentations, Northern Health and Social Care Trust.

Fossey, J. & Duffy, F. (2019). Training and coaching of care home staff to develop person-centred skills with people with dementia. FPOP Bulletin, 148, 43 -47.

Wolverson, E., Birtles, H., Moniz-Cook, E., James, I. Brooker, D., & Duffy, F. Naming and Framing the Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) Paradigm: Professional Stakeholder Perspectives. OBM Geriatrics, 3(4):19; doi:10.21926/obm.geriatr.1904080.  http://lidsen.com/journals/geriatrics/geriatrics-03-04-080


DARUG Funding from Department of Health, N.I Executive & Atlantic Philanthropies. Who attends the memory service and what is the outcome of their assessment? (Duffy & Serplus, 2018/19, £10,000)

DARUG funding. Online Decision Support Tool for accelerated diagnosis of dementia. A partnership grant with University of Ulster, Nightingale Analytics and AgeNI (Price, Crossey, Duffy Casey, Dowey, & Won-Lin, 2018/19, £99,000).

DARUG funding. Understanding the Outcome of Memory Service Assessments and the Impact of CLEAR Dementia Care. A partnership with University of Ulster. (Duffy, Serplus, Harvey, Zvolsky, Price, & Hughes; 2018/19; £100,000).

DARUG funding. Rethinking Dementia What really matters to carers and people with MCI. A partnership grant with AgeNI (Casey, Duffy, McKeown and Christie; 2018/19; £62,499).

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